Manish wanted change

Manish wanted change. He wanted to be the one who brings change. Even a small one. He liked to help. After he was gone, we – One Family People and the crew – decided together to continue to work for his dream. We have set up a Fund managed by One Family People, aiming to collect donations that can be redistributed amongst those who Manish cared for the most: the disenfranchised. The Fund will support first of all the  musical group “The Walpoleans” which carries on Manish’s legacy. If its assets allow, it will also provide support to children and youth with disability who show talent and determination and possibly just need a small push to change the course of their lives.

10% of all receipts of the film goes to the Fund. We also welcome individual donations.


Carrying on a legacy

Manish always protected the weak and the poor, he dreamt about a better world where disabled people would be recognized as full members of their communities, where nobody would suffer from hunger, where all children could access good quality and free education and no lives would be lost to curable diseases due to a dysfunctional health system. We owe his memory to continue dreaming his dreams and to make sure one day they come true.


Donations will be used for collective and individual support in the form of training, scholarship, stipends, housing aid and medical coverage.


Contact : One Family People
25A Motor Main Rd, Congo Cross,
Freetown, Sierra Leone
office: +232 22 230 182